Henk Berg

Henk Berg Leather began as a one man workshop on the pristine island of Tasmania, Australia more than 35 years ago.

Dutch-born craftsman Henk van den Berg sought to provide discerning individuals living in a ‘throwaway society’ with timeless, durable and functional handcrafted leather goods.

As appreciation grew for his vegetable-tanned leather bags, it was no longer possible for one person to keep up with demand.

In search of other craftspeople capable of making these type of leather products Henk began to work with a small family workshop in Indonesia to handcraft his leather designs. We have proudly worked side by side with the same family for more than fifteen years. 

Henk Berg is committed to working with small scale craftspeople to produce unique items that stay true to our core principals of functionality, durability and sustainability.

Recently, Henk’s eldest daughter Lara (who began her foray in the family business as a child helping her father on the humble market stall) and her husband have taken over the reins of the business.

They still live by the business values espoused by her father: creating high quality functional leather goods.

And while the family business now has loyal customers all over the world, it remains committed to retaining the highest standards of workmanship and design.

Henk Berg only uses the finest quality leather, selected for its strength, character and grain.

Unlike modern techniques that conceal the original characteristics of the leather, vegetable tanning is used exclusively to highlight the individual qualities of the hide and give each bag its own unique finish.

A Henk Berg bag is, and always will be, designed to age as gracefully as its owners.