It all starts with selecting the highest quality leather.

We only use vegetable tanning, a traditional process which ensures the hides are kept in the most natural state possible. Unlike with modern tanning processes, vegetable tanning retains the softness and natural qualities of the leather. It takes time, skill and craftsmanship to tan leather in this manner.  

Each piece of leather is unique, with its only individual grains and markings so they must be carefully assembled- like a jigsaw- into a bag or wallet, which is why we still opt to have the bags handcrafted.

Another reason we prefer to use vegetable tanning is that it has a reduced impact on the environment. Raw materials used in the tanning process can include natural tannins sourced from bark, wood, fruits, pods and leaves.

It’s true that the vegetable tanning process is more complicated, lengthy and not as cheap as other methods-  but we think the result is worth it.