Our Leather

It all starts with selecting the highest quality leather.

We only use vegetable tanning, a traditional process which ensures the hides are kept in the most natural state possible. Unlike with modern tanning processes, vegetable tanning retains the softness and natural qualities of the leather. It takes time, skill and craftsmanship to tan leather in this manner.  

Each piece of leather is unique, with its only individual grains and markings so they must be carefully assembled- like a jigsaw- into a bag or wallet, which is why we still opt to have the bags handcrafted.

Another reason we prefer to use vegetable tanning is that it has a reduced impact on the environment. Raw materials used in the tanning process can include natural tannins sourced from bark, wood, fruits, pods and leaves.

It’s true that the vegetable tanning process is more complicated, lengthy and not as cheap as other methods-  but we think the result is worth it.



All of our products are made from high quality vegetable tanned leather. 

Leather is a natural product and as such there can be variations in the grain, pattern and depth of colour which change with use.  

Over time the lighter colour leather will develop a rich patina and darken while it is normal that the darker colours can fade (just like your favourite pair of jeans). These individual characteristics are considered normal and part of the appeal of our products.

How to care for your leather product:

  • use a good quality leather conditioner and treatment product, we recommend renapur beeswax products.  Always do a test patch in a hidden spot first to ensure you are happy with the finish that the wax will give.
  • like all materials leather can change in colour if left for prolonged periods in the elements including sun. Keep out of direct sunlight as this can cause the colour to fade or change faster.
  • ensure that your product is used as intended. overfilling purses, wallets and bags will cause significant strain on zips and stitching.
  • avoid spilling liquids on your leather product and placing on dirty surfaces often this will cause permanent marks.