Salamanca market memories

Henk Berg is my dad.

It all started with a market stall in the 1980's at Salamanca Place Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

I still remember as a small child being excited each Friday night in anticipation for the early rise (3am) and two hour to drive to Hobart for Salamanca Market.

Saturdays were full of fun running with any of my other siblings who had been lucky enough to make the cut and get a day at the market or the other "market kids".

I loved the smell of the leather which reminded me of my horse saddle and tack. This was my first encounter with real leather. 

Salamanca market started in 1972 and to this day is the largest open air market in Australia. It is an eclectic mix of hand made, imported, designed and grown products. Just as eclectic are the many wonderful folk that arrive each Saturday to have a stall.

The market is about more than just an opportunity to sell your product, it is a community of friends and family and a Hobart institution. 


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Lynn says:

Please let me know if I can only purchase your products at Salamanca market or online? Thx

lucy says:

I am unable to get to the market today (19/12) and as it appears you no longer have a shop in town, where can I see your products. Many thanks. Lucy

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